DAV5x not working

Hi all

I would want to synchronize my agenda on the FP3 to a CalDav cloud server

For this I am using Dav5x : I have succesfully created my account but when I want to synchronize my agenda it does not work.

In the FAQ of Dav5x, I have red that on many phones the problem is that Dav5x must run in the background ( in other words be in Autostart )

But impossible to find it in the Parameters ? How can I do this on the FP3 ?

Davx registers for Autostart, that should not be the problem. What you should do, though, is switch off battery optimization, that’s important. Davx runs fine for me with my nextcloud instance

Could you be more precise about your problem? What exactly doesn’t work, when you do what and how?

Davx has created the account to access my events on the cloud server

But when I ask him to synchronize with Goggle Agenda on the FP3 , it says “Synchronization starts” the nothing else : no indication that it is working and no event in Google Agenda

You might activate logging. But then, does it work with Google agenda? Google’s known for using its own protocol, and no standard. As i can see it’s not listed in the “tested services”