Dataroaming: how to turn it on?

I’m abroad and want to turn dataroaming on. In “cellular settings”, I turned dataroaming on. Yet I do get the message that I’m offline in my browser.
Any hints would be very much appreciated!

Is data roaming enabled at your provider?

There might be a problem with the APN settings… In many countries, you don’t need correct APN setting as long as you’re logged on to your provider’s home network. Only when logging on to roaming networks, you need proper APN settings to use data roaming.

Most providers will offer to send you the correct APN settings in a configuration message that you can usually request on the websites. You can also try to look up the correct APN settings on your provider’s website. So try to find a WiFi, check the proper APN configuration for your provider and enjoy data roaming :slight_smile:

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Hi Jochen. Thanks, so far. I found the Apn settings for my provider. But what do I do with these settings? Where on my FP2 do I enter these?

All Apps --> Settings --> Networks (more …) --> Mobile networks --> (CHOOSE YOUR SIM) --> Access Points (APNs)

In “Settings” under “Wireless & networks” click on “More…” and then on “Mobile networks”. On the following screen you will find “Access point names”…

There you can either adjust the settings of an existing APN or set up a new one… Only enter those settings that you got from your provider and leave the others blank…

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