Data volumes reset

I started using my FP2 in the Middel of the month. in the menue is uner my sim card the option to track the data usage. How can i reset this? i woud like to change the date volume to the firsth but if tipp on the date range nothing happens.

please igore errors English is not my fist language

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Iirc, if you tap on it, and scroll all the way down, there’s an entry for changing the period

First, to change the period, you have to enable mobile data. (If you are connected to WLAN, you mobile data won’t be used. You can disable mobile data afterwards without losing the setting.)

Then, you can click on the date range, and select “Zyklus ändern”.

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You can also ask in :flag_de: German. Here are enough helpful German-speaking people.

thank you. that was the answer i cound not find by myself

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