Data usage cycle

This morning, I realized that on Data usage the cycle is changing from 1-30 october to 1-31 january 2015!

I’ve tried to change the cycle, but as the option I found on the same data usage screen, I just can change the day that the cycle start, and always it starts on january.

Any idea on how to fix this?

I’m very new on smartphones and I found this tool very useful in order to manage internet usage.

Thank you.

Hi, if you point on the date of the cycle, you can change the day of beginning (and the end).

I can choose the beginning of the cycle starting somewhere in october.

What date you have on your phone for today?

Ok, on the clock my phone the date is 14th october, but instead on the data usage cycle 1st-30th january 2015, and I can’t change that, if I choose, for example, the 3rd to start the cycle (tapping data cycle) it changes from 3rd to 4th, but always January-February 2015. I don’t know if there is a problem with the date sync on the phone.

It shouldn’t be an acute problem because the data usage cycle is only for your information and doesn’t manipulate the system.

I understand though, that it is very useful! :slight_smile: I suggest you to contact FP support directly (maybe add a link to this topic) and, please, post back, what they tell you to do. It possibly will be interesting for other users (and I am also curious ;)).


yup! I’ve just done that, as quick as I receive an answer I let you know :slight_smile:


Ok, the support team answer me, a few days ago. They give me two advices in order to solve the problem:

  1. If you go to date & time in setting is Automatic Date & Time set to Use Network-provided time or is this on Off? If it is Off make sure it follows Network-provided time.
    In dark grey you can also see what it the Set date (if it is already on automatic, if it is not on automatic it is white).

  2. As this didn’t work to me, the other solution was perform a HARD RESET to the phone, in this way the problem was fixed.

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My data usage cycle starts by the 26th and ends with the 25th. Can I change it anywhere, that it starts by the 1st and ends by the 30th/31st according to my mobile treaty??

Yes, Have you tried to change it in the Mobile Data menu? You should connect your “data” in order to change the data cycle, just tap on the cycle and select “change cycle”. That’s all.


Today I’ve pressed the volume down button and the phone restarts automatically, after that, again I have the same problem with data usage cycle, but moreover the connection to wifi it isn’t blue but grey, what as I read somewhere means that the connection is poor. I’m afraid I have to do again a hard reset in order to solve the problem as the support team recommend me the last time. Just to let you know.

@kgha explained in ’ Wireless icon grey even when connected’

[quote]I think that this has aomething to do with the phone being recognized by google, so when you solve the re-installing play store issue you’ll get a blue icon again.
So it is blue when Google is involved and grey without Google. The colour doesn’t indicate the strength.
How stronger the wifisignal the more lines you will see in the icon.


Thanks, happy to know that :slight_smile: