Data transfer no longer working

Hi everyone,
Since this morning data transfer through USB isn’t working anymore. I cleaned the port with a toothpick, removed some dust and a tiny piece of lint. Tried 3 different cables, but nothing. I even tried a different laptop, but no connection on both.
The phone is charging, even at turbo speed. It didn’t drop, it didn’t get wet. Has anyone an idea if this can be fixed? Is the hardware the problem or - hopefully - just some setting I accidentally turned off?

New bottom module will take at least six weeks for delivery unfortunately.

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You may want to check the connections to the port as they can become resistive if the joints are damaged.

Here’s a link to an example in the FP2

As for settings, have you enabled USB debugging via Developer options?

Otherwise search for USB under Settings ~ I can’t find the options manually?

Normally you do not need USB debbuging enabled to just transfer data and I doubt it will do anything to help to transfer data . I would not really advise to open a module as long as I’m not sure its broken (as it is loading I doubt it is broken) and I do not have any warranty and this would be the only way to see potential damage as shown on the picture above for FP2.
So does the computer not recognize the FP at all or is it loading when connected to the computer and just data transfer not working? If the latter did you enbable data transfer? If no automatic notification can be found just go to settings (connected devices) as amoun advised to enable data transfer. And something that might sound a bit stupid, but are you sure you are using a data cable when trying?


Just changed the bottom module. My fairphone is connecting to the computer again, so the old module must have been damaged somehow.
Which stresses me a bit, because the phone is nearly half a year old.

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As it’s only 6 months old did you get Fairphone to repair under warranty?

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