Data transfer form FP2 to new FP5 does not start

Hi, I have a brandnew FP5 and want to transfer all my data from my old FP2 to it.
The two phones are connected , I have skipped the GOOGLE info.
On the FP5 the process said: mybe you need to change some settings for privileges on the other phone, on the FP2 I get a message that no DATA TRANSFER TOOL app is available and a link to Switch to a new Android device - Android Help.
On the FP2 I am running on LINEAGE without google services.
USB settings in the FP2 are set to file transfer.
What am I doing Wrong. Pls help
Thanks in advance , Lutz

Just a guess, but it might not work with Lineage…?

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I would suspect the same, lacking further info.

How did you initiate the procedure on the Fairphone 5? Which App or which exact steps lead to this message …

The linked page says “On your old device: Sign in with your Google Account.”
But where?

And it tells me outright “You’re using a custom Android version. If these steps don’t work for you, check with your device manufacturer.”
(I’m running /e/OS, which is based on LineageOS.)

I have just started the initialization of the FP5 and it asked me if I want to copy data from another device. I accepted and the it asked me to connect the two phones , after a while I get the message that the two phones are connected via cable.
And then it takes ages until I receive this message about the privileges on the other phone

in the meantime I have installed everything manually and it seems to work fine

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Its a shame that the Fairphone OS without Goggle is not available for FP5, I liked it a lot

Fairphone abandoned this approach after the Fairphone 2 in favour of an official partnership with /e/OS … Keeping your data safe with /e/OS - Fairphone … which is available for the Fairphone 5 … Info about Fairphone FP5 - FP5.
Here’s what it is: /e/OS product description - a pro-privacy mobile operating system and cloud services

For other alternative OS options such as e.g. iodéOS see oslist .

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