Data stopped working

Hi there,

I used my phone normally 5 days long and today, data stopped working normal. I can send message and receive em but cannot use data.

Davasse Gratien

It has to be noted that I tried APN manipulations and that there is an exclamation mark on the little triangle.

That means what?

SMS or Whatsapp?

Better try: shutdown phone, remove SIM, power up phone, shutdown phone, insert SIM, power up phone. Now the SIM is “new” (for your phone) and your provider has to send new APN-settings.

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It means that since yesterday I cannot use data to navigate as I could before. I can send SMS, receive them make phone calls. I tried what you indicate but it still does not work. But there is no longer exclamation mark.

Try this:
And I hope you enabled “mobile data” …

I could use data on the phone before yesterday. I have not ordered any new card and it worked just fine until yesterday. Therefore it cannot be the same thing. I enabled “mobile data”. I just tried everything.

Anyway thank you for your help.

I did not need to, because it already was enabled (which of course I verified and even toggled twice just to make sure) :slight_smile:

I think I will launch a factory reset…

I meant this:


I tried that too but it did not work.

Anybody else for a solution ?

Make a new APN, perhaps that helps.

I’ll try it again then. Thanks
Without success…

I don’t know why or how but it works back again…

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