Data Connectivity

I have been really pleased with my new Fairphone…until I try to access the internet using data connectivity. I can’t get any connectivity at all. I have activated that data connection and 3G and activated roaming, but with a full signal I still get the ‘no connection’ message whenever I try to do anything on line without wi fi. Any ideas? Thanks.

Hi @Toddy,

have you checked your APN settings?



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Tom. You were right…my APN settings were not right. I found this out by chance when the phone starting do stuff in my pocket and connected to data by accident via the second SIM. It made me think it must be the SIM not the handset. Sure enough the SIM I waned to use for data hadn’t had the APN settings input. I got the relevant details off the GiffGaff site (which is the SIM I’m using) and it then connected straight away! Thanks for the help.

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