Data connection with GPRS/EDGE

I was in a region where the mobile provider supports only GPRS or sometimes EDGE. I really know that data connection with GPRS or EGDE is very very slow (but it’s enough for small text only emails). Now I had the problem that FP1 didn’t try to setup data connection. As workaround I found out to disable “3G-Service” in settings - mobile network settings. Then I re-enabled “3G-Service” again and the data connection was established.

Bug or feature?

Neither I would say…

Have the same issue with my current old phone in regions with bad mobile service.



Hi @Martin this sounds like it may be that the network simply isn’t picking up the required information from the network in a timely fashion. I don’t think is a bug as such, it’s simply how phones operate. Turning data off an on just forces the phone to try and establish a connection.

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To make it clear - it was’t only to turn data connection off and then on again.

I have FP1 in German. So I can give the settings menu only in German

Einstellungen - Mehr… - Mobilfunknetze - 3G-Dienst (not Datenverbindung).
3G aktivieren (this one off then on again with proper provider)

I get a similar problem even in areas of good 3G/H/H+ signal whereby I leave the wifi, and it won’t hop on to the mobile network. I can’t reproduce the problem with the native operator, and it seems to only occur with the MVNO operator who piggyback on another operator. I haven’t tried any operators yet, however both myself and my wife have the problem.