Data connection keeps failing

I have a strange problem, I keep loosing mobile data connection for all apps except twitter. That means that no data connection works for browser, mail and most apps but twitter always works. Sometimes everything works though.

I have tried a lot of things, including resetting the phone but nothing works. Any ideas about this?

Hi honken,

you’re not on Telia (Sweden) are you? Your signature reminds me of a legandary Swedish ice hockey goalie…

If so (and of course it could be the same even if you have another provider) it seems as if Telia changed something in its data system so that the phone’s previous APN settings no longer were correct.
So finding your provider’s latest recommendations for APN settings and see if something ought to be changed might do the trick.

And if you’re on Telia, take a look at this thread, maybe it could be helpful?


Thank you!
Your’re absolutely right, I am on Telia (Sweden). And Honken was a good goalie!

I deleted proxy and port from the APN settings and that actually seems to have solved the problem. Hopefully it will still be ok tomorrow.

Thank you so much!

Good to hear that your problem seems to be solved. There are at least two other FP users for whom new APN settings have done the trick, so let’s hope that it will stay fixed.

The phone now works perfect, you helped save my day

Glad to hear this is sorted for you.

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