"Data being secretly used"

Every now and then I notice this message appearing across the top of my screen. Is there a way to find out more? Take some sort of action?

I found this on the web:

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Very helpful. Thanks Irina.

If anything like this ever happens again you could try AirPush Detector which is a tool to find out which of your apps are causing such Ads.

PS: Or use AdAway and you’ll never get such Ads again.

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If the message would appear in the notification area, you can long press on the notification to see which app is causing those notifications. You can conveniently disable notifcations for this app through the “i” button.

But there are two types of notifications:

  1. Non-transparent notifications with icon which appear on the top edge on the screen which will go into the notification area. You can long press on them when they are in the notification area to see the app.
  2. Transparent notifications without icon which have round corners (mostly in the lower half of the screen and with only one line) and which will not appear in the notification area.
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