Damn! Fairphone 2 does not boot

Hi guys,

while my phone was turned on, I opened the backcover and took the battery out.
When I try to turn it on now, the phone moves but screen stays black and it does not seem to boot. If I connect it via USB to my PC it is found. If I plug the USB to the power charger the red lamp is on, so I guess it’s loading.

However the screen stays completely black…

Any ideas?



Did you try disassembling the screen? Maybe it’s just a bad connection.

I did, of course. Thanks a lot

It is “found” : could you tell us which USB service is (are) connected ?
Importantly, is ADB or FASTBOOT connection working ?

thanks for your help. How do I figure that out? The phone pops up as a drive in my windows explorer but when I enter, it tells me that i need to put a drive in.

If nothing show up on screen AT ALL, I mean not even the FAIRPHONE logo at powering up, I’d say your screen hardware is probably faulty.

It doesn’t help in your case, but what you see on Windows is the SD card over USB, you probably don’t have a card inserted, so that’s why it tells you there’s no drive in.

Maybe you could you try to : switch off, and keep “volume UP” pressed while switching on ?
That should bring you to the recovery software.
If not, well you could try replacing your physical screen with another one.

(Edit : thanks @freibadschwimmer, Volume up is for recovery, Volume down for fastboot mode.)

Isn’t volume down fastboot mode?
So it would volume up then.

Edit: wasn’t sure now myself so I looked it up again :slight_smile:
Anyhow, as jaymanu suggested: try to go to the recovery. Youwill have to press volume up and the power button at the same time for a couple of seconds until the phone vibrates. Then release the buttons and a few seconds later you should be in the recovery mode.

Thanks, it’s the opposite than my previous phone !!

Let’s memorize it like :
recovery can do back-UPs
fastboot is like DOWN-load mode

But that’s just to be sure, i strongly think that the screen might be badly connected or defective, or the phone logo at least should appear on booting.

Hu guys,
I tried both combinations and changed the screen mutiple times. The weired thing is, why should a battery that I take out while the machine is running, lead to a screen that does not work anymore.
I will most likely send it in. Annyoing though,

I’m not sure if hardware could get damaged, but afaik, removing the power source of an operating computer may damage for example the file system. Maybe something like this gives the phone operating normally, but just a wild guess.

I also think that if you can’t access fastboot or the recovery there’s not much choice left but sending the phone in :-/