Damaged FP3 in UK

Are there repairers in the UK

Hi dcn, did you get a reply to this message? I too am looking for a repairer in the UK … or anywhere in Europe, actually. Thanks, John

Hi @jroldie69
There are no specific FP repairers that I have come across.

Where in the UK do reside/work/hang etc. and what is up with the phone?

Hi Amoun
Thanks for your message. I am in South Bucks (High Wycombe / Maidenhead)
I have had several issues with the phone. Latterly it keeps switching itself off and restarting which makes it difficult to try to perform any sort of diagnostic. The screen goes dim regularly. I regularly get a message saying some app has stopped working, the message blocks out the screen, making the phone impossible to operate.
I think I am not technically proficient enough to have a Fairphone, much as I love the principle.
I want to have the phone checked to know that the phone is working properly so that I can sell it and buy a simpler phone that my grandchildren can help me with - they all have iPhones

Hi The phone has a two year warranty have you contacted support@ fairphone|dot|com

If you’ve had the phone less than two years and haven’t taken it for a swim etc. it should still be covered.

If you have no important personal info that can be wiped it may be worth doing a factory reset.

Which network are you on and
which is the latest update you have to hopefully Android 10

The advantage of iphones is that there are lots of repair shops everywhere.

It looks like you have multiple problems that I can run through but it will take a while.

First to check out the switching on and off. Remove the SIM card and try just using wifi for a day.

It’s an FP2 so presumably no warranty and I think the latest OS is 9?

Hi thanks.
It’s an FP3+
I have contacted support@fair… etc. earlier this afternoon
The phone has been well cared for - no wetting etc.
I’m not worried about the personal info.
I am with the phone co-op , I think they use EE (?)
I have always allowed updates when they’ve been offered so have the latest unless it occurred during the latest set of difficulties - I think android 10.
I have removed the SIM card and we’ll see how that goes.
Maybe I should lean more on Fairphone as the phone is less than a year old?
Thanks again


I got the FP2 from your profile. If it’s a FP3+ less than a year old you’ll be alright, best to leave it to support.

The screen going dim is a bug in the most recent update (August), so that shows you’re up to date :smiley:
You can either correct the brightness by swiping down twice from the top of screen as necessary to adjust the slider (it should learn after a while and improve), or if it’s too bothersome just turn off the adaptive brightness. To do that, open Settings and then Display > Adaptive brightness.

There’s news of an update coming through soon which might correct the bug.


Yes if you have the latest A10 which is 0129 then the darkness can well be an OS update induced issue. I just turn adaptive brightness off till a fix comes. By the way I’m also on EE but just outside Plymouth so to far to meet up anytime soon.

Remove any SD card also, if you have one.

Have the battery voltage checked, if it is very low it can take a day to charge, with the phone off as it does it very slowly in such a case.

Another reason for removing the SIM card is that when you start the phone it may try to connect and hence use power.

I have had similar problems with the power button sticking on so every time I try to charge the phone starting use s more than I am inputting (On a Samsung)

Ensure the phone is off. Take the battery out for 10 minutes and then replace it but do not turn the phone on. Try charging for a day, start when you can monitor to see if the LED comes on stable.

Once you have charge do a factory reset which will wipe all data ready for sale.

Thanks once more.
My concern is with: “… do a factory reset which will (make it) ready for sale.”
What if there is a fault in the phone? So that when a new user starts up the phone they experience the same problems I’m having (or new ones) on their own SIM/service. Then they want to return the phone to me for a refund. Maybe I should be less sensitive about that … but I will still own a faulty phone and a bad reputation on ebay
That’s really why I wanted someone ‘in the know’ to test the phone.

btw I’ve left the SIM card out, but it’s still randomly switching itself off and back on again. J

Once you’ve done a factory reset you may find the phone works fine.
If you can switch the phone on a) you don’t need a google account, bypass that. You can then connect to the internet to see if that works.

You can also insert an SD card, preformatted or format as Portable/ NOT Internal. You can then take pictures to see if it works.

Did we go over if you have an SD card insereted ??

If it works and you have no personal details on the phone there is no need to factory reset again.

You can tell the prospective purchaser it works and provide them with a copy of your invoice so they can still claim on the warranty for the next year or so.