DAC for Android phone


I really like to listen to music while travelling. Thus I am thinking of buying a mobile dac (external USB sound device).
While researching on that topic I have read that a dac even works with android devices.

My favoritse at the moment:

  • shiit mobile dac
  • Cambridge audio magicdac xs

Does anyone have made experiences with a dac (digital analog converter)?


Ciao Tom

Hey Tom,
I would be interested in that too. It’s all about “USB OTG” and the ability to use USB soundcards. I will try to get a cable for it and try one of my -not portable- DACs.
If you get an answer from somewhere else, I would be glad if you post it here too.
Thanks and good luck!

It works. I tested it with a usb otg cable, music fidelity v-dac II and USB audio player pro. The small amplifier and dac Topping TP32 worked too.
So you will need an app which is able to “send” music to the USB DAC. There are only a few.
Edit: I tested it with USB audio player pro.
It would be perfect, if fairphone would ever switch to Android 4.4 or above. Then you wouldn’t need a special app (with special drivers) anymore but could use the DAC with every music playing app.

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Hi Paul,

thanks for your research. That sound great!. What apps (from your experience) are enabled to send data to an external dac?

I am using for playback at the moment the premium version of rocket player. This one can play back flac-files and similiar stuff…


Ciao Tom G.

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