Customizing start page of FP3

I have an FP3+ running the latest Android version. But the start page does not please me: On the top of the first start page, there is information I do not want to see (but taking the space of a full line of icons. On the bottom of every start page, there is a Google search widget taking another full line. Can I get rid of both?

What you would like to achieve requires to install a different launcher on your FP3 (it’s no rocket science to do so!) One launcher often recommended is the Nova Launcher, but I I guess others here will follow with more recommendations. :slight_smile:


I personally love lawnchair 2, it is customizable, has a stock android look and also has a blur effect ^^


I use Lean Launcher.

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I didn’t want the Google search bar either (as a DuckDuckGo user) so I’ve been using the Evie launcher which I’m very happy with. It looks clean and is very configurable.

Hi @Leonhard I had the same issue as you. Many others too, apparently. I found a thread on this forum recommending Lawnchair 2. I have no experience of coding or any real idea what I’m doing, but I followed the instructions. I installed Lawnchair on my FP3 from Google Play, set it as the default launcher and was immediately able to replace the Google search bar with DDG. I haven’t worked out what else Lawnchair might be good for, but just that was brilliant.
Here’s the link to Lawnchair.

Good luck!