Customizing start page of FP3

I have an FP3+ running the latest Android version. But the start page does not please me: On the top of the first start page, there is information I do not want to see (but taking the space of a full line of icons. On the bottom of every start page, there is a Google search widget taking another full line. Can I get rid of both?

What you would like to achieve requires to install a different launcher on your FP3 (it’s no rocket science to do so!) One launcher often recommended is the Nova Launcher, but I I guess others here will follow with more recommendations. :slight_smile:


I personally love lawnchair 2, it is customizable, has a stock android look and also has a blur effect ^^


I use Lean Launcher.

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I didn’t want the Google search bar either (as a DuckDuckGo user) so I’ve been using the Evie launcher which I’m very happy with. It looks clean and is very configurable.

Hi @Leonhard I had the same issue as you. Many others too, apparently. I found a thread on this forum recommending Lawnchair 2. I have no experience of coding or any real idea what I’m doing, but I followed the instructions. I installed Lawnchair on my FP3 from Google Play, set it as the default launcher and was immediately able to replace the Google search bar with DDG. I haven’t worked out what else Lawnchair might be good for, but just that was brilliant.
Here’s the link to Lawnchair.

Good luck!

Dear Supercargo,

Thanks to you and all other contributors for their answers. It obviously seems that the „Quickstep“ launcher installed as default on the FP3+ is not sufficiently configurable.

Finally, a word to the users of Meta Search Engines (like DuckDuckGo or Ecosia): these deliver a better privacy, but in turn need more energy , as they call Google or (in the case of Ecosia) even Bing search engine in the background. So it is up to each of us to decide what is more important. My own solution is: I use the Google Search Engine, but only in a private Tab of Firefox.



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