Customized FP2 case?

I’m a bit of an offline/outdoor enthusiast and would like to adapt the FP2 to my needs there. Unfortunately the official(?) statement is that custom/3D printed cases are not available. I can understand that from the fact that the standard case has a rubber edge. However there are several things I would like to change (or see changed):

  • easier access to battery (for exchanging it on a three-day hike)
  • easier access to SD card (keeps dropping out of connection without the ability to reconnect, needs to be removed and remounted often; yes, it would be even better if this problem were just fixed)
  • easier access to the SIM slots (when travelling and using local prepaid SIMs)
  • holes for a strap (I once dropped my phone into a rock crevasse in the Alpstein massiv and only managed to retrieve it three days later with the help of a custom-built device)

I’m just not comfortable with having to remove the tightly sitting cover every time I want to do one of those things. Is there somebody who modified a standard case in such a way? So far I only managed to add the strap. Take a 2mm drill, make a vertical and a horizontal hole where the lower display clamps are and fiddle through them a 2mm line from the closest outdoor store (not all have them).

I could drill several 40-50mm holes into the case and have a matching cover 3D printed with screw holes etc but isn’t there a better, less destructive way? Any help would be appreciated!

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Do you know the thread Fairphone2 3D printed casings available?

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Hi, interesting ideas!

Can you share a photo of the customization you’ve done so far?

What is the effect of the holes on sealing (dust) ?

Wow! No, I didn’t find the 3D print thread before though I looked for exactly this. Unfortunately the author does not want to publish the STL file for the cover. Still, it’s definitely possible and that’s enough to start :wink: The idea to have two halves is really good.

The holes’ effects to dust should be negligible, the cord I use is lint-free and fits the holes almost perfectly. I am more concerned about the holes for USB, speaker, … I have taken a quick picture of it:

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