Customer Service Issues & Broken Phone

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing the poor (or almost complete lack of) customer service? And faulty parts.

My bottom module hasn’t worked for a few months so haven’t been able to use it as an actual phone (make/receive a call) since the summer and after a long time of tinkering, opening, cleaning and testing I finally placed a support ticket on the 2nd December. My second case (blue translucent) also broke so added that to the order.

I have had 2 emails (from Randy) the first asking for proof of purchase, I replied and sent that the same day on the 13th December.

I sent another email asking for an update on the 17th December but didn’t have a response until the 8th January (!!!) to say I will be able to have new parts free and to check address details on my account and state which new cover I’d like, I did that on the 8th. But despite asking again for an update, I haven’t heard a single thing since then.

I’ve been waiting for this to be sorted for almost 2 months. The trouble is since waiting for this new case/cover my phone fell off a table on holiday and cracked due to the lack of protective bumper on case, which I had to try to tape up myself to be able to use it at all.

I have still not heard anything and we are 1 week away from February!

I absolutely love the concept of Fairphone and was so excited to finally own one but this is making me seriously change my mind.

The customer service is pretty shocking.

Is it just me or this pretty standard?


PS - This doesn’t even consider the fact it re-boots itself several times a day, even after a factory reset!

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