Custom ROMs and Bootloader

I’m considering to install LineageOS on my FP3, once an official version will be released. Since I only had LOS on Samsung devices before, I’m not really familiar with FP’s bootloader concept. So here are two questions:

  • May I relock the bootloader after having installed TWRP and LOS?

  • If so, can I install ota updates without having to unlock the bootloader again (since this would erase all my data)?

Thanks in advance!

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You may search in this forum to find the answers.
From what I think to remember to have read in other topics here:

Yes, if you don’t install TWRP (there’s no recovery partition on FP3 anyway). It’s recommended to just boot TWRP for the installation of LOS (or to install it via adb sideload).



I followed this howto: https://twrp.me/fairphone/fairphone3.html
(The last step “Fix Recovery Bootloop” fails with “Error patching kernel”.)

So if I want a locked bootloader booting /e/ OS (with TWRP installed) that was the wrong way?
ATM I can only boot /e/ OS and TWRP (recovery) when the bootloader is locked…

Of course I ment if it is unlocked…
Doesn’t matter anyways, the SIM slots are not working so the FP3 has to be repaired or exchanged. I reflashed Fairphone OS - the slots are still not working.

Don’t install TWRP on the Fairphone 3, just boot it with fastboot when needed.