Custom partitioned internal storage, updated OS, now impossible to install Google Apps

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

to enlarge my internal storage of my FP1 I did a partitioning. My internal storage ist now aroung 5 GB.

Afterwards I installed the newest version of FP: Kola Nut 1.8.7

Then I wanted to install Google Apps, but unfortunately this is impossible: After downlowding it via the widget, the FP does a restart and afterwards everything is like it was before: Google Apps has to be downloaded again - it is impossible to install it.

I recognize that I did shit with my lovely Fairphone…
And therefore I would be very thankful if you could help me! Either
a) how can I install Google Apps? or
b) how can I cancel the partitioning?

Thanks a lot for help!

Two suggestions for a start:

• The newest version of Fairphone OS is Kola Nut 1.8.7
• I would suggest to install the storage upgrade instead of a custom partitioning. The storage upgrade merges internal storage and phone storage to one unified partition.


Hey Urs,

thanks for your response!

I did a writing mistake, I have the version Kola Nut 1.8.7.

I tried to install the storage upgrade like described here:
But when I go to “Fairphone updater” I dont have the option to klick on “FAIRPHONE STORAGE UPGRADER KOLA NUT 1.8.7.”. It’s simply not there.
Why is it not there? How can I make the storage upgrade?

I assume it is not there because the Updater app detects that you do not have the original storage layout anymore, but a different one.

The online developer community XDA wrote a nice tutorial, how to flash the FP1 binaries. If you use the following file to flash

1.8.7 FP1U and FP1 with upgraded partition layout: (~200 MB)
md5sum: 2d7a2e804b976624dfc89707dd9a546b

you should directly land on the latest version of FP OS (1.8.7 in our case) and will be offered the option to install Google Apps.

You’ll find more explanation here:

If you have further questions, we are here to help! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your help Stefan.

My solution was:

I installed the storage upgrade

(FP1 original partition:
Storage Upgrader 1.8.7 * (~200MB)
md5sum: e4f1e43082c6a5142cca3ebc4ed33671)

like described here:

now I can install Google App Store!

Thanks alot for your time and help!