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new here so excuse if this has been answered,

but i have tried to search for a list of apps that comes preloaded on the phone… sadly not found it yet, are there such a list?

what is fairpgones offcial stand on bloatware preloaded?

ie anything other than the really bare essiental to make a call and get one, text’s and mms? one extra i could accept is the playstore from where users can get what they want.

Perhaps you want this:
swipe from right to left on your screen
tap on the 'circle with the six dots’
in the next screen you see on top on the right an icon of a 'bag’
tap on the ‘bag’ if you want to you to the playstore.

I can’t say by now, which apps are preinstalled, because I installed a lot of apps myself. Basicly there are only a few apps on the phone (plus some nice widgets to use). It also has a fm radio, a notbook, a camera app… on it.

The rest you have to install from google or another app store.

I would say, there is no bloatware on the phone.

well “nice widgets” are surplus that i dont want on a phone… i really just want a phone that does not have other software other than the bare minimum to do calls and text+mms… the rest i want to get from the play store myself

Then you are free to delete the “nice Widgets”…

normaly you cant do that… on my girlfriends samsung we can only deactive them, not delete them, that also goes for the ton of extra bloatware samsung put on it…

There is a thread regarding this topic: A collection of non-free (as in freedom) Software preinstalled on the Fairphone 1(U) and possible alternatives

PS: Maybe you should try out this app: /system/app mover (Add and remove system apps) - https://f-droid.org/app/de.j4velin.systemappmover
Haven’t used it though…

well at least that app could be used to move apps you have tested as not
needed and not having any dependencies with other apps you need to the non
system app folder and then wipe them, and maybe make room for some of those
you downloaed from play store that you really need so that the end result
is that you have the stuff you really need in system and not on sd or user

but are there then an list of what is installed on fair phones from out the

Look at the link I posted! :wink:

it did not list the software preloaded on the phone… just suggestions for

Which software are you looking for? E.g. there comes iFixit preinstalled on FP OS, as opposed to AOSP, which does not have it.

i’m looking for the list of software preload on fairphone

The OS is also software… Are you referring to the applications?

Maybe you should download a root-browser and go to the directories “/system/app” and “/data/app”. There you see all the system apps and user apps, respectively. On a newly installed FP OS these directories should include only apps which come “preinstalled”.

yep preloaded apps then…

but downloading a browser does not help me much as i dont have the phone…
i thought that there was an official list of preinstalled app’s

Sorry, I didnt mean a browser, but a file explorer… Anyways, FP OS is AOSP, but it has got a custom launcher, and comes with the Peace-of-mind and Your-Apps-widget. Besides, there is iFixit preinstalled, which can be deleted easily.

If you don’t want the (IMO very useful FP launcher) you can choose to install plain AOSP after receiving your FP.
But I’d like to tell you that if you install Google apps, there will also be a lot of bloatware.

I did not know, that you don’t own a FP…

hehe… i could as well have told that…ie i dont have one…

i was just doing a little research and looked for the list of preinstalled
app’s on the site but did not find one… which i find strange… i can
understand that most other phone makers dont list it… but then again its
well know mainstream phones comes loaded with crap…

what does AOSP mean?
and “Peace-of-mind and Your-Apps-widget” ?

It comes with the default AOSP apps/widgets, plus a file browser, the “peace of mind” widget, the FairPhone updater and iFixit.

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AOSP means Android Open Source Project and practically is the underlying Android which comes with any phone, except that it doesn’t have anything Googlish or Samsungish.