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I received to case today, that’s nice. Still now news about my account and why the website is dysfunctional about resetting the passwd.

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31 october 2017 update.

Current # of tickets: 5.712

1.448 new (created last week)

Average first reply time for new tickets: 5 days. (-5)


Hey, that sounds really fantastic! Down to less than a week.
And another great step - hopefully - is the lower number of new support tickets. Might be the changes in suppliers and the new modules are taking effect.

Have you tried logging into your account?
For me the account login workded flawless, while I could not log in to check the support status or to answer support mails other than by mail.


I’ve been waiting for 25 days withouth any response. :wink: Part of me wants to call again, the other part wants to see, if my ticket will raise the average time. Maybe I’ll phone just before Christmas.


That sure would take zen-like patience; and we should really hope, that your case will be solved for quite a few weeks by then.

No chance. Reply time is for new tickets only; and yours is quite old by now. :wink: Just kidding.
Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!


7 November 2017 update.

Current # of tickets: 5.754

1.652 new (created last week)

Average first reply time for new tickets: 9 days. (+4)


The numeber of tickets stayed constant for quite some time now. I guess that means that at least you can close as many tickets as are opened.
However, it would be interesting to see how long it takes on average to colse a ticket. Are you willing to share that number with us?

I am sorry to say I currently do not have such a number.

I am not sure, if that number would be in any way informative without context.
Given the special production process for Fairphone - in batches instead of a constant flow -, the general average time is not really indicative for what one has to expect when filing a support request.
While exchanging broken regular back-covers takes less than a week, changing other modules should mainly depend on stock / availability. While - judiging from the forum - some waited for months for a new display, others could order one right away.

Average time to respond would be of more interest!

I have been waiting for an answer on a ticket for over a month now. The ticket has been going back and forth I opened it in the beginning of August. The average time to respond is somewhere between 3-4 weeks. That’s plain horrible.

It really makes me wonder…

I was simply asking out of curiosity. My support ticket (broken screen) was open for more than 5 months and I really hope that I am holding a record there but it simply made me wondering about the average time it takes to close a ticket.
Furthermore I do not think that the numbers presented here do help anybody to estimate their waiting time. It only helps to estimate the time you have to wait for first contact and it makes you believe that after that everything will be faster. Based on my own experience and comments I read on that forum, you have to wait at least as long for following-up answers. So as @oole said, the average reply time would be more informative than average first reply time.

And I really do share your curiosity.
It’s just that I happen to work on a daily basis with statistics and therefore tend to look at the meaning of data and what implications can be drawn from them. And there are some data that tend to be misleading when they are not accompanied by loads of contextual information.
E.g. reply times. As people start calling, because they are tired of waiting longer for an e-mail answer, this will at the same time help the people on the line and hinder support to reply to e-mails. How to take that into account.
Btw. how do you count the cases where a support request by mail was solved by a phone call from the customer 2 weeks later.
How about cases like yours, where even months are passing because displays are out of stock and have to be maunfactured while at the same time changing the manufacturere due to qualitiy issues with the last one. That for sure would up the average, though many cases might be solved in a shorter time (unfortunately most likely still weeks).
In the end: Sending a support ticket by mail and then starting to wait is - by now - just for the patient type of customer. Everyone else should pick up the phone and give them a call. Where possible, this can speed support up. (Not display production obviously ;))


14 November 2017 update.

Current # of tickets: 5.877

1.744 new (created last week)

Average first reply time for new tickets: 10 days. (+1)


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Dear Douwe,

please stop writing such messages and get your job done. It is understandable that a phone developed by a small company has some issues. I guess this is the risk we took when we bought this phone.
However, it is not acceptable that you guys do not handle those issues. Due to a broken display (the white noise problem, I think you are familiar with it) I’ve sent you a support request nineteen days ago, and I did not get any answer yet. Nineteen days! 48h are reasonable, I think. And if you are not able to answer my request in 48h, then hire more people.

You took my money. I accept that I got a phone not working perfectly. But at least answer my questions.


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Hi Wolfgang,

sorry to hear that you didn’t get a response from Fairphone staff in time. But also understand @Douwe did not take your money, nor is he part of support team as far as I know, so he won’t personally be able to help you. Addressing the same problem twice via different channels won’t make the queue processing faster, but in fact slowing down.

Also don’t forget that this is a community forum. If you think you got a problem where other people may help you out, please write more information of this problem in the appropriate forum category.


Hey Wolfgang, as @amber rightly points out, I am not in the support team. My job is to collaborate with the community to promote the values of fair electronics using the Fairphone as an example.

One of the ways we try to do is, is by being transparent about how our new business is doing. I naturally share our victories, but I think that for a better understanding of what it takes to change the industry, it is also fair to share what does not go so well.

On our blog you can read a lot of articles about the difficulties Fairphone has to overcome in order to achieve change. Issues with spare parts, mineral sourcing, recycling are all talked about.

In my little corner of the Fairphone universe, I contribute my part by sharing this other bottle-neck; our customer support team. I hope that by sharing weekly numbers, people can get a better understanding of the challenges in this department.

Also, the support team is constantly trying to improve things; new people are hired, some tasks are outsourced, parts of the jobs get automated etc. etc. But as the amount of customers, partners and therefor issues is growing, they will probably not get to a final solution anytime soon. Good support is a moving target and they will need to keep on adapting.

Leaves me to say that I am very sorry to hear that in your case matters take this long and I truly hope a colleague of mine will get back to you soon.


21 November 2017 update.

Current # of tickets: 5.817

1.858 new (created last week)

Average first reply time for new tickets: 10 days. (+/- 0)


I wish you the best that the new support team members are already or at least will soon be fully operative as the # of new support tickets coming in seem to have increased steadily for the last about 6 weeks…

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Sharing some numbers and articles about how challenging your business is does not explain why on earth Fairphone have gotten in such a situation. Your reference to these sources sounds like “everything is very difficult” or “fast solutions do not exist” to me…