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nope, I am waiting for the support ticket to be replied.

Latest update.

Current # of open tickets: 5204
Current first reply time for new tickets: 170.13 hours (average over last 7 days)

As part of the team is now working on the newest tickets that come in, the average waiting time goes down. But as new tickets often need one or two more ‘touches’ before they are solved, the number of open tickets did not decline.


Douwe, I think you should consider how to enable people who have sent a request to Fairphone Support and no longer need it to be dealt with to withdraw their ticket. In order to test if that is already possible, I just submitted a token ticket (it states very clearly that it does not require a reply) and saw that there is no such automatic option yet.

So my suggestion would be that you

  • either technically enable “requesters” to withdraw/deactivate/delete their own ticket by themselves or
  • draw up and explain a way how requests that no longer require a reply can be closed/deleted by Fairphone Support; perhaps just asking for and collecting such “dead ticket” numbers would already be enough.

I am sure that with the long backlog of tickets you still have, there are probably hundreds of out-of-date ones that even those who sent them don’t need or even don’t want to be dealt with anymore. Enabling them to withdraw their tickets could help reduce the backlog a lot and allow to focus more on those requests which are really pressing.

As soon as such a way was announced, I would be happy to advertise it in our Facebook group.


Seems a Zendesk limitation (at least it was in 2014):
TLDR: unless there is an assignee, you can’t close your own ticket.

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Okay - after 3 weeks now I think the 293 hours are over, aren’t they? I wrote to the support at the 22nd of September and didn’t receive an answer up to now… It would be nice to use my phone as a “private” phone again (can only use it with the hands-free speakerphone - for everyone to hear, because the intern speaker seems to be broken) and moreover the phone doesn’t charge properly. (Ticket Nr. was #130470)
I just would like to have an update now and then how long I have to find new funny ways to charge my battery and to yell at my callers if I’m on the street when they call me (and I can’t hear them properly because of the broken speaker)…

New update.

Current # of open tickets: 3212
Current first reply time for new tickets: less then 24 hours (average over last 7 days)


Very nice! :+1: Hope you guys are not doing too bad though.

@margoe Did you receive a response yet?


Yes, indeed, I did :slight_smile: I had to explain my problems further, I’ve heard nothing since then, but I sincerely hope that something is happening soon. :wink:

New update.

Current # of open tickets: 2872
Current first reply time for new tickets: less then 24 hours (average over last 7 days)


New update.

Current # of open tickets: 2755
Current first reply time for new tickets: less then 48 hours (average over last 7 days)


So, is 2500-3000 tickets kind of the baseline of open tickets at the moment? I mean, it takes at least a couple of days to resolve an issue as you’re waiting for responses back and forth, or even waiting for shipping or word for the repair center. In effect, the number of open tickets at some point will hover around [average number of new tickets per day] * [average number of days it takes to mark a topic as resolved] - is that where you’re at now?

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Hey, 48h for a ticket reply? I would be glad if this was true.
I opened a ticket for an order for new back covers that was not fulfilled within the last 4(!) weeks.
My ticket is still “open” after 9 days (216 hours).
At the moment I believe your support response time is not that good.
Any news about this?
Kind Regards

Well, the covers are not available yet, are they?
So I think there is nothing they can do for you right now… :wink:


i know that’s adding to overall workload, but they could state that… At least some kind of answer (even automatic) might help the mood of customers (even if they didn’t read cases aren’t available beforehand… :-))


When I ordered the cases I saw no availability issues. When my order was confirmed also no hint about availability. The back covers are already paid - so I’d expect either to receive a refund or the back covers. Just letting the customer pay and then do not say anything for four weeks is not making any customer very happy.
Even now I do not see any hint in the web shop regarding availability of any back covers. So I was completely unaware about this issue until now

Is there any information about delivery times?



If you send in us an email and do not receive an answer within 48 hours, something else might be wrong. Maybe our reply got caught in your spam filter, maybe a mail server was misconfigured, maybe a support employee at Fairphone made a mistake.

But at any rate; when you are waiting this long; it is always good to send another email or give us a call to make sure.


New update.

Current # of open tickets: 1823
Current first reply time for new tickets: 47 hours


First reply time is a bit high, in comparison with last November.

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I have a support request open 9 days ago, without answer.

I have a support request open 14 days ago without an answer - and I’m really starting to get annoyed, because it’s the third time since ordering my Fairphone that it doesn’t work or (in this case) doesn’t work properly. I still cherish the idea of this wonderful project - especially in times like this, when all phones are about to get more “closed up” - you can’t even change the batteries any longer, but a phone I can’t use is in no way better. And it’s not really a good marketing strategy, letting people run around for a few weeks without a phone, because it doesn’t work. My friends all start jesting when they again can’t reach me for some time (I’m the “never reachable fair person” now).

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