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In my request I already told which case I would like to prefer and what is my shipping address. But I only got a standardized text block which tells me that I should confirm my shipping address and which color I prefer. :smirk:
But the second response to this part of my request I got an order confirmation after 9 minutes with my selected new case.:heart_eyes: (see edit. ;))

For my second problem (the legendary reboot problem :cry:) I also get a standardized text block. In this case I must deliver some additional information. I don’t write more for this part because it is the wrong thread.

In summary my first thought after the reply was that I’m a little bit sad about the missing apology for the late response. Especially because of the knowledge they use standardized text blocks.


They could make an additional text block that contains an apology. (Yes, I am serious!)


How do they handle the service cases? Last in, first out? Other people like me are waiting for ages :unamused:.

Have a look at this post:

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I guess it depends on the reason giving for a support request.
Broken cases are usually handled on the spot (as far as I can judge by own experience and from this forum). That’s evident, as it’s a simple case of “send picture as proof for broken cover and we will send you a new one”. No analyzing lots of possible reasons for failure etc.

So I would assume, that it’s not last come first serve but “easy done, first done”, especially when solving those cases takes less than five minutes in all (1 sending standardized message; 2 checking IMEI, order-no and picture; 3 triggering delivery of new cover).

19 December 2017 update.

Current # of tickets: 5.455

2.089 new (created last week)

Average first reply time for new tickets: 13 days. (-3)

Special notice:
Holidays period is starting soon and there will be two long weekends:

  • 22nd of December 17:30 until Wednesday 27th of December 09:30
  • 29th of December 17:30 until Tuesday 2nd of January 2018 09:30.

10.01.18 update.

Current # of tickets: 5.796

2.790 new (created last week)

Average first reply time for new tickets: 16 days. (+3)



I created a ticket on december 8, Average response time is 16 days, I’m at more than double that time now and absolute no response appart from the automatic reply. Also no answer on a reminder from me.
Why is it taking sooo long?


16.01.18 update.

Current # of tickets: 5.795

2.615 new (created last week)

Average first reply time for new tickets: 21 days. (+5) :frowning:


23.01.18 update.

Current # of tickets: 5.693

2.712 new (created last week)

Average first reply time for new tickets: 16 days. (-5)


I opened a ticket on x-mas eve; i.e. December 24th.
Color-pixeled display after dropping my phone.
As that was no warranty case anyway, I ordered a new display this year.
Everything fine since then.
Wanted to close my ticket right away, but somehow forgot about it (just posted it here).
Yesterday, February 12th, I received the response; exactly 50 days or a good 7 weeks later.

Everyone not going to pick up the phone for speeding things up, try some meditation and be patient.
If you don’t want to wait that long, check this advice: #contactsupport

Of course I replied immediately to let them know, that the file can be closed.
Received another message today: done! One case less, they have to worry about.
And as I come to think of it, it’s one case, that obviously ups the average response time, although I could and should have canceled it long ago. Sorry about that. :frowning:


It has been a while since I updated this, but here are the numbers from last week.

20.03.18 update.

Current # of tickets: 3.202

494 new (created last week)

Average first reply time for new tickets: 10 days.


And the new numbers of this week are

27.03.18 update.

Current # of tickets: 3.196

733 new (created last week)

Average first reply time for new tickets: 6 days.

The Support team has been working hard to get the waiting time down. You can see here how this affected first reply time in the last weeks:


Hi guys,

Quick update on this week’s lucky numbers:

  • current no. of tickets: 2655
  • 347 new tickets from last week
  • first reply time for new tickets: 4 days


Morning all,

Time for another update on the Customer Support side:

  • current no. of tickets: 2409

  • 155 new tickets from last week

  • first reply time: 3 days :tada:


Do you, by chance, know, how many people work in the support team, compared to earlier? :slight_smile: I’m curious. :slight_smile:

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Hi Stefan, our ‘in-house’ team has 14 members (3 joined in October). We also collaborate with an external party (Xtrasource) that focuses on the support calls, but I can’t give you the exact number on their side.


Adding a quick comment to thank you for the transparency and graph. Likes are nice, but hopefully a few extra comments are even more likely to encourage future stats like this. Love it!


Hi all, quick update on the Customer Support reply time :slightly_smiling_face:
This is the status for the month of September, as you can see the team has been managing to keep the reply rate around 24h. :raised_hands:
No changes in the team number, if you were wondering. Any questions, please let me know!


Nice to see the chart is now displayed in hours instead of days :wink:

Has the total amount of new/open tickets decreased as well?