Curious... 🤔 Who here has used a Fairphone the longest

5S is a good & reliable phone. so don’t be ashamed! if you like its screen size be aware that the FP2 is way larger making 1-hand use somewhat tedious. my FP2 works well as did before my FP1 (smaller *sigh). as was said before you find in this forum lots of complaints (service & technical issues) but that’s normal. satisfied customers rarely give more than a thumbs up if at all. i’ve no complaints for >4 years now.


My wife uses FP1 since may 2014 without any problem.
I self use FP2 from the first batch without any problem, so I think it’s a users item…


Thanks Christoph! Both you and Ekomus give solid sign of hope…

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you’re welcome, @Rebecski,
you might have noticed already that chats between folks here in this forum is for the most part pretty much civilized (has always been, from the start). you can come here with virtually any sort of questions concerning your phone and there will always be someone who knows how to fix problems. even trivial ones and you won’t get laughed at asking them. this forum deserves to be called “genius bar”.


I bought my FP2 beginning 2017. Battery drain too important for me. Had to change the core module (under warranty) - a lengthy process of several moths until I finally got the replacement module. Since then no other problems any more.

Otherwise I am very happy with the phone. I switched to Open Android, like a year ago and was surprised of the smooth process. Just updated to 18 (Android7) without any problem. Overall I like my FP2 very much.


One happy user here!
I bought mine in the crowdfunding period and got it in february 2016. The only thing that happened is indeed the first cover that broke, but that was a production problem and was replaced (very quick!) for free.
I must say camera quality is not great, even with the upgraded camera module. Btw, replacing it myself was indeed awesome! :wink:

(sorry for bad English :blush: )


I orderd my FP1 in August 2013, it arrived in January 2014 and I’ve been using it since without major interruptions.
That’s not to say I haven’t had problems. I have had a broken wifi antenna, a broken display and two bloated batteries that I replaced, various android-related problems. But I could resolve these obstacles, thanks to the official FP-support and the community.
For now I’m using the 4.4 Alpha Android Version with all functions needed working.

So troubles yes, but roughly the same issues I had with my previous phone (iPhone 3GS). All in all I’m happy!


I also want to know how you feel for using Fairphone

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