Curious Status Bar Animation

I’m not posting this in #fairphone2help as I think I know what caused* this and it is resolved, but I thought it was curious enough to share it anyway.

That’s what my status bar looked like at 9:27 today and when I pulled down the notification screen it looked kinda like this:


My home-wifi has serious issues atm to the point where I can’t even surf normally. I forgot that this morning and attempted to update multiple apps at once. It got stuck, so I cancelled all downloads from the notification view, only one wouldn’t let itself be cancelled. When I swiped up to get rid of the notification bar again it looked like the second picture and I moved all that glitching up into the status bar.


Maybe you found a new “Matrix” Easter Egg? :smiley:


Nice one, never seen this before. Maybe also some psychedelic background music involved. :slight_smile:


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