Curious about the phone being "active" at night

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I usually put my phone on battery saving when going to bed at night. I have noticed that if I switch off the internet (both WiFi and mobile), battery goes down about 1-2 %. However if I do the same but with internet activated, battery goes down about 10%.

I have taken a look to the battery stats (see image) and there are a lot of “active” activated in the middle of the night. How can I know what apps activated the phone? Maybe I could make more of my battery life.

Thank you!!

Settings -> Data usage -> Wi-Fi data usage might give you an indication about which apps use the internet in the background.

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Especially Wifi itself, just being activated, consumes comparably a lot of power, besides maybe in background activated apps.

I would suspect it’s apps looking for updates and/or calling home to send some reports (like hiccup does).
You really should check the data useage like @paulakreuzer posted.
Then you can check what the active apps are allowed to do. Should they check for updates, that’s useful, otherwise, I am not so sure.

You could use BetterBatteyStats and there check which wakelooks and proccess are most present during night (you can manually set a reference time before going to night).

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Unfortunately quite a few functions oft this app do need root access to work; although I don’t know if that’s a problem in this case.

Hm, that could be. As I do have root I cannot tell if these functions need it or not…

I have root so I’ll try these, although I must recognize that BBS interface does not seem easy to understand…

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