Crowdfunders webinar summary

Hi everyone,
On Thursday last week there was a webinar for the people who participated in the crowdfunding campaign. I couldn’t join by video as I was driving so tried to call in via one of the phone numbers but it didn’t work. Does anyone have a summary of the discussion that they can share with me?
Thanks :slight_smile:


Did you receive a mail today with the link to the recap of the webinar?

Hi @Lidwien, thanks for the tip!
I just saw it and read it. Some of my questions were answered but not all, maybe I’ll get another chance at the AMA for the new product.
Apart from the written Q&A in the slides were there any other questions and answers? If you or someone else has some notes you can share I would appreciate that.
Cheers :slight_smile:

I didn’t buy shares, so I didn’t get and thus don’t know today’s recap, but if you can make sense of German, Ingo shared some bits here.


I’m pretty sure the slides cover all questions and answers.

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