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Dear community,
can anyone tell me how to crop/cut a photo or any other picture for that matter? I seem to be able to zoom and rotate pictures, but not crop them any way i would like. I am referring to pictures taking with my FP or files from internet that i saved.

I guess you’ll need an app for that. Just search the app store of your choice for a photo editing app.

Hi @viola

it sould be possible with the (I think it is pre-installed) Google Pictures/Foto App:
Open picture, click “edit funcion” (pencil) then the icon in the right bottom.

I can select parts oft the picture and crop it:

Good luck

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hi @werner_noebauer,

thanks. i know about the pencil-editting-option. but what happens is that the picture can be zoomed in and rotated. but if i want, for instance, to take the piece of the sky of in the picture above (with the tree), i can’t. so i can not place the (blue) edges where i want, to crop the picture.
with my iphone i was able to do this. so it makes me think a) i’m doing something wrong or b) something is up with the editing tool on my FP2.
to be clear: i am not looking for specialist/specific skills for which i would need photoshop or some other app. @paulakreuzer

any thoughts?

Hi Viola,

I think the crop functions are rather limited with the “Foto” App. I could not select every area I wanted.
Maybe in this case a picture editing app has to be installed as Paul said.


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yes, i read on a different forum that the photo gallery and edit functions in lollipop are very limited (gallery is totally gone). so i agree that a different editing/gallery app might be best.
thanks for pitching in @werner_noebauer & @paulakreuzer

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I think this is related to the zoom feature bug of the picture viewer:

The crop tool seems to be broken. When I try to edit a photo an move the edges of the crop tool, it starts to zoom in but then freezes and doesn’t register any further inputs. The crop tool is frozen until I exit the edit mode only to show the same behavior again on the next try.

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So did you get to fix this? Because for me it still doesn’t work as it should. No matter what app, for example with Google Photos it doesn’t work. And if I want to change my contact photo I cannot crop how I want it to.

I use an app called photo editor. If you can stand the little ads at the bottom (or know how to block it) it has nearly all the gimp like functions one would expect from a mature photo tool.

This Photo Editor sounds very interesting. Since there is more then one app with this name on the Play Store, could you please post a link?

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