Crashing, no crash report

Since I’ve got my phone back from repairs, my fp2 is crashing a few times a day.
Most of the times the phone crashes it doesn’t generate a Hiccup crash report.
Once it did generate a crash report, so I want to know, is there a possibility to see what the problem was?!

I have the same kind of problem. Does anyone know how to “force” the phone to send a report?
Apparently, when I have to reboot the phone (holding power button for +10 seconds) because it became unresponsive again, doesn’t generate a report. It’s a pity, because I can’t imagine many people use this reboot method if there is nothing wrong with the phone…

Have you installed the updated version of the Hiccup app from the Play store? The reports usually only are submitted when on Wifi, but you can enable mobile data reports.

I have previously had reports that wouldn’t send when I wasn’t connected to Wifi and had to reboot again to get them to submit

PS, if I do the power reset method mentions by @danielsjohan I do get a crash report generated. It can take about a minute or so from my phone being alive again to generate and submit though

I didn’t update the app, thanks for pointing out there was an update available already!

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Yeah, was released on Friday. It fixes a bug in Hiccup which was not generating the UUID on bootup and therefore not generating or submitting crash reports.

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My FP2 has crashed twice recently. When I open Hiccup it says that 2 crashreports have been generated but that 0 crash reports have been uploaded.

I have the latest version of Hiccup from the Play Store; have re-started my phone and am connected to Wi-Fi. Is there anything I can do to send the reports?

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