Crackle in line when calling


when I’m calling or receiving calls, there is always a crack (crackle / cracky) in the line* which sounds kind of metallic. I’m never hearing those, only the ones being called (or calling me) do. If I use a headset, there is no problem. But that’s hardly a solution :slight_smile:
Recording sound through the microphone works fine.

Thank you for your help!

*I’m sorry, I don’t really know how to put it in english. German words would be: “es knackt in der Leitung”

Is the crackle the same after applying the update?

I think we need some further testing and info here:

  1. Does this only happen with one person, or do all callers hear this crackle, when talking to you?
  2. If it’s more than one person: Call your operator and ask if they have a solution.
  3. Since recording works flawlessly, but voice transmission fails, could you additionally verify the problem, if you try calling through Whatsapp, Skype, or another VoIP-service?

If the problem only appears when using the telephone app (e.g. not VoIP-Apps), then I think the problem lies deep in software and you should try a hard reset to solve the issue.

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Thanks for your help!

@Lidwien: which update are you referring to?


  1. No, it happens with everyone
    2.&3. thanks, I’m on it

I referred at the update of august 2015 to Kola Nut version 1.8.7

The crackle didn’t appear till around one moth ago I guess. I already installed the update last year though.

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