Cracked screen and phone misfunction

Hello everyone,

a few days ago my phone display (FP2) cracked under pressure and the screen is not working anymore - it does light up but has stripes all over so you can’t recognise anything. On top of that, since the accident I have had troubles turning the phone off, it has randomly called a number (I was able to talk to the person on the other end, but I’m not sure how they were called, and I could not hang up), the torch turned itself on - it seems like the phone has developed a life of its own! So I am wondering whether I could just buy a new display module - how likely would that be to solve these issues? Or should I send it in for repair? Any tips on how to find out whether anything beyond the screen is broken?

I’ve contacted support about this but they will probably take some time so I thought I’d try here, maybe someone has had similar problems?

Many thanks!

You could contact #fairphoneangels in your vicinity (if there are any) who would perhaps be able to test an intact screen on your phone.

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