Cover are broken

I had to replace the battery because of the black screen and now the cover is broken what is the sense of an fair phone if its get broken so easily?

As long as you will get a new cover for free, I can’t see what is not fair about it.
Why the cover is breaking, could have several reasons. Design, colour, material, manufactory …
I am sure Fairphone is looking into this case.

The sense of this fairphone is the fair supply chain, fair traded ressources and fair working condition for the workers who assembled your fairphone.
Although I wouldnot agree to others here who say those broken devices are only “monday devices”. But I also think that it wouldnot be fair to insinuate that a device whose producers spent more money for the fair aspects given above should have the same qualitiy and comfort or even reliability as others that are not produced under fair conditions.

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