Couldn't install Google Apps after storage upgrade

Hello all,
after making the storage upgrade on my FP1 1.8.7 I was not able to install the app store package from Google. The google-widget appears correctly but after downloading and restarting the phone nothing is installed.
Thanks in advance for any solution.
Best, Luis

Dis you already try it with the Fairphone Updater App? You find it there in Advanced Mode --> App Stores

That’s right. I used the Fairphone Updater App.

Maybe you could try to install them again, following this tutorial:

I don’t know if it’s mentioned in the tutorial, but make sure the screen doesn’t go off during the intallation process.


Well I don’t know how many times I’ve tried it today exactly the same thing but now it worked! Thank you very much Irina! (Maybe because of the screen going off?!!)

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