Could not switch off FP3

I have the following problem:

If I chose “Power off” (within fastboot, recovery or LOS) the phone shuts down but immediately turn on without pressing a button.

Maybe a battery issue, because the battery hasnt much capacity anymore ?

Any suggestions ?


While charging or also without?

While charging the device.

And without not? Happens with my FP3 and Iode OS as well (edit: reboot instead of power off while charging)

It does not depend on the OS. If you issue a “power off” within recovery or fastboot the device also turns on immediately again.

Whats the issue then when you know its normal? Why should the battery have an issue?

edit: could not reproduce a second time on my device.

And you meant in your first post its happening from fastboot, recovery and system in your case LOS (I think I misread this)

I tried the 1/2 year old battery from another device and the FP3 could be switch off in any case.

That’s why I assume a broken battery and/or bottom module.

I think the bottom module is definitly broken. All 3 issues leads to this conlusion.

It should be possible to remove the bottom module, and the cameras and the phone should still work if the battery is charged.

So see what happens with no bottom module.

Hmmm… As the issue only occurs while charging…

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