Could fairphone build a faircalc?

I know there are thousends of things that could possably be built more fair, in my case im currently looking for a scientific calculator. (phones are sadly not alowed…)
And, shure i cold go the next store and get a calc that wold suite me.
Its Just that we now, or maybe always known, that it’s realy not a good idea to buy anything without doublecheck.

Now that Fairphone has the resources and the knowledge about supplychain and Manufacturers its nearby to ask…

Maybe also somebody knows about a existing product?
Regards, Novski

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Hey novski,

I don’t think this is going to happen. There aren’t enough materials in a calculator to make it worth building an alternative at this point of time. Also, these scientific calculators e.g. by Casio last for years and years - I’ve been using mine since 2001 or 2002 and my impression is it still works like on the first day.
I don’t think a fair calculator by Fairphone makes any sense by now.

There are Texas Instruments calculators with colour display:

I think these use a bunch of material, smartphone also have inside.

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Do You think that also applies to These Standard scientific calculators like the 991 ones by Casio?

By the way: That looks like a “badass” calculator.

I just remembered that one of Fairphone’s Main goals is to show that there is a market for fair Electronics. It would definitely be cool if Casio, TI and others started offering ‘fair’ calculators But that is not Fairphone’s job :slight_smile:


I really, like the idea about a faircalc.
May be with bluetooth, so the graphc can send to a smartphone or printer.
WLAN calc lol
It would be the very first, with that access.

@anon90052001 -Wold that not be a much easyer money maker than the phone itself?
I mean, the software of a calc is nothing you have to maintain so hard as the one for phones…
The knowhow - how to build fair-components is in the company already.
Regards, Novski