Cost of the FP2 Supporthotline - Calling from Germany


How much does the FP2 Hotline cost if I call from Germany (not mobilephone, but conventional telephone network.
My Fairphone 2 is highly defective (no accident, just “wear and tear” within 3 months of normal use as it seems) and I need a replacemt/repairs.

That depends on your provider. Usually you will find the costs for calls abroad on the website of your provider, and they may depend on your tariff as well.

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If you are at Deutsche Telekom, a call to a landline in the Netherlands (which is the Fairphone hotline) costs you 0.029 € per minute (see page 4 and 5).

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Thanks! :slight_smile:
Phoned them, as it seems it could be my simcard xD Ordered a new one, the former is 4 years old and my issues were very similar to whats described in the FAQ^^

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