Coronavirus and supply chain

Is it possible what happen righ now in China due to the coronavirus could impact the FP3 supply chain ?

Yes, it is possible. Why wouldn’t it be?

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You can see a map of where parts are coming from on No parts appear to come directly from Hunan province, but the suppliers on this map have many suppliers of their own which may not be mapped.


True, actually it goes all down to every single piece of the phone. Let’s not just think of the casing or battery but of each single semiconductor. The majority of production sites are located somewhere in Asia.

The Head of Product Management of a major electronics distributor shared his thoughts just a few days ago on this issue here.
To me it look just as the beginning as many people seems to have forgotten how much actually is manufactured in the Asian region, taking massive influence in the supply chains in other countries and so many different markets.
Let’s see when the automobile economy is struck because e.g. (parts of) control units are not being delivered when needed.
Already the health economy faces shortcuts on specific items, mainly needed for sterile work environments as the demand made a huge jump the last weeks.
Unfortunately the ones who are producing the biggest amount are the ones needing more of it and partially cannot keep up production due to the influence of the Corona infection.

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The virus might make problems with the supply chain for a while, but think of this:
Most of the raw materials come from Africa and soon it will be too hot and dry for anyone to live and work there anymore.
The climate crisis is the biggest issue we are facing, no matter what we talk about.


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