Core module replacement

I am experiencing signal issues with my FP2 and wonder if it is the core module, does anyone know if these are available to buy and if so how much they cost?

Thanks Duncan

Have you gone through the connectivity tests in Settings > Maintenance > Checkup?

The core module costs over 300 Euros and is usually not directly available from Fairphone, but German dealer Vireo (and maybe other dealers as well?) has it on stock.
[06 July 2019: out of stock]


But afaik the unavailability is intentional so you contact support if you think you need a new core module and they make sure that’s really the case.


Maybe it’s worth to check the antenna/RF cable first?
Step 11 of the teardown:

Although I guess, that the antenna is not availabls as a spare part.
Maybe this can be tested with another phone in exchange, by one of the #fairphoneangels or one of the local fairphone communities?

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I also had problems with my signal strength at some point. For me it helped to open up the phone and then fiddle with the two pieces that hold the antenna.
e.g. unscrew and rescrew lower piece. Sometimes it seems to lose contact…

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And do clean the contacts with alcohol while you’re at it!!
If contacts can be disassembled, dust can find it’s way between those contacts as well.

I looked into that option but it doesn’t seem to allow any connnectivity tests, it just gives stats?

This was my first step, checked both connections on the cable and cleaned the pressures contacts with spirit.

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