Core module has problems conecting to screen? What can I do?

my fp2 works proparby, if the contacts between screen and phone (core) would meet properly.

I tested with a local fairphone angel. Obviously the telephone did fall to the ground once too much and now it seems as if the case (where the core module is attached) is in some way deformed. The result is, that the phone doesn’t work unless you hold it with force in some way pressing it to the side (in the direction of the camera). Which isn’t practical at all :-/

What can I do to repair it? Does some one have experiances with deformed (core module) cases?


Reading through this forum I generally would answer with yes.
Deformation can turn out in many different ways. Some have troubles with their display others with their camera etc.
So your Fairphone angel obviously did not have any spare part for you. Maybe here is another angel who keeps a spare frame for you?
Since FP3 is out there seems to be more movement/higher availability of used FP2 (parts).

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