Core module broken FP2 - data lost?

Hello everyone!
The core module of my FP2 is broken and I wonder if there is a possibility to get the data still out of the phone in some way?
I heared there is a possibility together with ubuntu system?

If the phone does not boot anymore or doesn’t even startup into fastboot mode or recovery mode you are out of luck.
Some time back one in this forum explained that there would be a low-level option fiddeling with electronic parts directly and read out data. But iirc it would only work if the data wasn’t encrypted. Anyway you first would have to find some individual capable to even do the magic with contacting chips on the electronic PCB.

My quick search here brought me to this. There are other ways which are not easier though.
I also read of the company CBL.

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If there is no other chance you can try the baking repair of the core module


Thank you for your help! I will try your suggestions, dig deeper and will let u know if it works then :slight_smile:

Frankly I think we should be a bit more hesitant with suggesting the highly risky baking hack when we don’t even know yet what exactly is wrong with the core module. As far as I know, the baking hack is only meant to address a contact issue between core and display module.


Ok, the thing is, the phone is completley dark. After upragding the 12mp cam and a new display it break down around a week later. Only when pluggin in the cable to charge there is the red light constant shining. Thats all it is doing. no reboot or so works. Then I thought it has to be the core module ?

Have you tried pinching together the display and core module in the contact area (that should be in the lower centre-left when you are looking at the screen) that connects them? When you remove the battery and then connect the FP2 to a charger, do you get to hear recurring vibrations (indicating a boot loop)?

P.S.: If there is another FP2 user or a Fairphone Angel nearby, you might also try to temporarily swap core and display modules to test yours.


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