Coping without smartphone advice?

Hrm. I guess I’m just venting here because I know people are going to be able to sympathise?

Essentially: my FP2 battery was not holding charge, and because of this and other issues I sent it to my insurance provider to give it a quick checkup. They said it was beyond repair and offered several alternatives - but I decided on a cash settlement instead so I could get a FP3.

However - due to some other issues regarding my job, and my partners’ - it’s now looking like that cash settlement would be better off in savings, and my FP3 will have to wait until at least after June. I’ve invested in a Nokia and a second-hand iPod Nano until then, and have my laptop for most other things.

Does anyone have any advice on adjusting to a life disconnected from smartphone usage - possibly for 3-6 months, if I end up having to use that money?


I guess, that’s a kind of advice that is hard to find nowadays.
Even more so in a Smartphone-forum. :wink:

Maybe, hopefully, you will realize during the next months, that life without a smartphone really is not only possible, but worth living as well.
Since I have no data-cantract I use my FP2 in general for calling and SMS only. Internet is for emergency only or when I can connect to a WLAN.
But I am not on anyone of those social-media platforms; so that’s easy for me.

If you do have a computer, you can use it for your online-activities and maybe can enjoy the time off from being connected all the time. Obviously, you should tell all your important contacts, that you care about, that they can reach you by SMS or the times you will be online.

I wish you all the best and hope you will be doing fine and everything turns out good for you.
Stay healthy!


Now that I’m out of work for the duration of lockdown and maybe even after it ends, I see my FP3 maybe once a day, I use laptop for everything I do, so I would rather get an email than a call, because then I can give a thought to what to say instead of just reacting. Then again I’m not a talkative type so I got that going for me which is nice :slight_smile:

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