Contributing to the FP3 OS

For the FP2 there is an article on the Fairphone website explaining how to contribute to the FP2 OS as a software developer. As I understand it is currently not possible to suggest code changes to the FP3 OS, right? Are there any plans to open the FP3 OS to developers?

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It would be nice to have a link to the article for reference.

(You certainly mean FP2 OS in the quote above. You can edit your own posts using the pencil icon under your post. If it isn’t there you would have to click/tap the three dot icon first to get the pencil icon displayed.)


The current only available OS for the FP3 is the stock, bloated, privacy nightmare mess that is stock android. However we are hoping that LineageOS or even Fairphones own custom Open OS could soon be available, so currently you cannot contribute to the current OS as it is closed source :[


Fairphone is working on these wishes

Where do you read that? I know only they are just investigating it.

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