Contacts gone but reappear as duplicates when I re-enter them

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Any help/ advice much appreciated.

This morning I made a few updates to apps, the major one of which was to Avast.
I now find all my contacts have disappeared from the contacts list except those that I added in the last few weeks.

On re-adding some contacts I find that any I have ever exchanged text messages with suddenly reappear as a duplicate in the list with their full history.

Has anyone experienced this before and can tell me how to get my contacts back? Or to simply use what is obviously still available in memory somewhere to restore them?

One other note - I upgraded to the latest fairphone OS a couple of weeks back, but had no issues with it.


What happens if you uninstall Avast, do your contacts show again?

I’m running LineageOS, so I’m not sure if it is the same on FP OS, but in the “contacts”-app, under “Settings” (tap the 3 lines top left and then “settings”), there is the option “Contacts to display”: it allows to select from what account it should show contacts. You could check there.

Thanks for your response. No luck though with any of the suggestions. I just gave up trying to get the contacts back after wasting some time fiddling around. I realised that most of them were just of no importance to me anyway after I started restoring ones I’ve been in touch with in the last two years from my my text and whatsapp lists. Kind of like a phone contact detox! Not ideal but in the end not such a disaster.

Were your contacts perhaps restored by synchronisation with your Google account?

I don’t have a google account - so not an option for me.

Does this mean that you are using Open OS or Lineage? Please indicate which OS & version you have on your phone (you can find the version in Settings > About the phone > Build number, or using the Updater app).

No, its android, I just don’t have a google account registered on the phone.

You might consider using MyPhoneExplorer to backup your contacts in the future.

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