Contacts gone after registration for play store and fair phone update

I had wanted to install signal messenger on my Fairphone yesterday - for that I had to register for play store with an email adress first (as I had never done this before and also never had synchronised my contacts etc.) after the registration on play store I continued to download signal messenger but after they asked me to gain access to my messages (sms) I deinstalled signal again. Then I did the fair phone update as I hadn´t done this for a couple of weeks. When restarting the phone after the update I found that a lot of my contacts had suddenly been gone from my contact list- only the ones that I had added in the last months where still there. I didn´t know what happened and since i wasnn´t sure if maybe something happened when registring for the play store I deactivated my account (gmail) from the phone´- suddenly all the contacts had been gone! On my gmail account I can still see the latest contacts (the ones I had added in the last months when I go to restore contacts) but not all my contacts anymore- most of my contacts seem to have vanished! Does anyone know what has happened? Thanks a lot!

There is a Google syncing option for contacts with your account. Afaik it´s enabled by default. But it should not delete any.
There is an option for which contacts should be displayed. All/Signal/Google/Customer.

Go to contacts->(top right tree dot menu)->contacts to display.
If you don´t like Google to sync your contacts you may also disable this in the settings.
I don´t believe your contacts are lost or deleted and I could not think of any rational reason for Google doing this. But I must say, the account structure of Google as I have experienced it by now is horribly (probably intentionally) confusing.

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MyPhoneExplorer (Windows only) is able to display all contacts it can find on your phone, be they locally stored or synced with Google.
You could have a look whether it shows the “vanished” contacts.

MyPhoneExplorer distinguishes between the different storage places, so when everything else is sorted out, you could easily copy synced contacts back to the local phone storage and delete them at Google’s place then.

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Thanks for answering! Do you mean to go to contacts at my goole account? i did this already but strange enough it only shows me about 30 contacts (from the 200 I had on my phone??
Also, when i try to go to the recover contacts button it does not help??
Sorry, by the way, my english is not perfect and I try to translate so everybody understands!
Could it also be that my contacts have vanished because of the fairphone update? Does that happen?

and do I have to connect my phone to my computer in order to use the MyPhoneExplorer? Or can I only use it on my fairphone? Thanks a lot!

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You can install Signal without gargle play, but for some reason it’s not easy to find from their index page.
Incidentally, I came here looking to see if anyone else was having the same problem updating Signal as me right now, with the update notification doing nothing, and I might have to download this directly myself, but it seems to be not the only non-f-droid app that’s not updating properly at the moment.

Also, I had the same problem as you just described back when I installed whatsapp before giving up on it. With this pattern, I wonder if anyone can work out what’s going wrong here…

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