Contacts erased a short time after I create them

I just got a new FP2 and after importing my contacts from the FP1 (I did it through a vcard file on the sd card), most of my contacts simply disappear after about an hour. If I repeat the process it happens again. I can’t understand what makes that some of them are deleted and some aren’t, but I suspect it has something to do with the fact that all contacts must be associated to an e-mail address (I have the choice between my google account, which I don’t want to use as I don’t wanna give my contact list to google, and my two outlook accounts, for which I have the app). The same happens to contacts added manually.

Has anyone encountered the same problem? Is there a way of simply saving the contacts on the phone or on the sim card like on the FP1?

Thank you in advance

To verify that this is a syncing problem, you could turn off synchronisation.

The contact storage is a bit weird on Android 5.1. I had some troubles too. I used MyPhone Explorer / My Local Contacts to handle my local contacts on my FP2 (no syncing with my Google Account).

Some official helpdesk links on that topic:


It was the syncing. As I still want syncing between my outlook account, I created a random e-mail account I don’t use, to which I added the imported contacts. Problem solved. Thank you @werner_noebauer :slight_smile:

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