Contacts and list of calls disappeared

Hey there, all you awesome helpers!

I often read myself through the forum topics and everything worked out fine with all of your help, but this time I’m clueless how my problem could be solved. My whole list of calls and all of my contacts except the ones that were stored in the google-account (which were nearly none) are gone.

Some facts besides: I have the FP1 with Kola Nut 1.8.7, I’m using it since Jan '14, I stored all of my contacts on the phone storage and sometimes in the last two months I had minor problems with showing the contact list and the list of calls, especially after restarting the phone. Sometimes it took a few minutes, until the wait for it-circle disappeared and my contacts/the list of calls showed up.

Besides that, I’m without wifi since three weeks. Which means, that since that I didn’t have had any updates, so maybe I’m just missing an update for the FP1? It could be a SIM-card-problem (even though the contacts were stored on the phone storage)?

For the last option, I’m going to visit a provider-store, so maybe that would clear things up easy. If this won’t be the problem, I’ld be very thankful, if you’ld share your opinions and ideas :slight_smile:

Big thanks to you in advance and cheers from Hamburg!

Edit: I do have a back up (via MyPhone Explorer), so this won’t be the end of my social networks, even though it’s not that young (the backup). But ideally, I’ld like to get everything back together as it was :slight_smile:

This happened to me too twice because my contacts (and calendar in fact) files got corrupted. I was using Owncloud to sync my data.

Unfortunately I doubt that there is a way to recover this data.

I changed to when it happened to me. It’s more reliable, but it costs you 1€ per month (plus it has benefits like servers in Germany, encryption, etc.).

Thanks for your quick answer, Stefan!
I didn’t found any other way either, so I just used the backup and will follow your advice while I’m hoping that this won’t happen again.

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