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I have filled in the online form to start the process of getting my phone repaired and submit and nothing happens, I guess it hasn’t submitted. I have done this about 6 times from 2 different PCs.

Can someone tell me what i am doing wrong!!

Yours hopefully from Christina

In this depends in which time frame you have made the attempts to contact support. They still suffer from a huge backlog, so it may take over a month to get a reply currently.

They explain that a bit more here:

Have you checked all your mail folders (including spam folders) if you ever got a confirmation email including the number of your support ticket?

Are you able to login at ? You should find a list of your tickets there if your request was successfully received by Fairphone’s support system. This overview should look like this:

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Big thanks for your replies, I have checked my spam and there is nothing from the good Fairphone people.

Also, it may well be that they are catching up on work load, but when I have filled out the form and submitted, I don’t get a message to say it’s been submitted, which makes me think that it hasn’t been sent. Did you get any acknowledgement (if you have completed the form?)

Thanks again, all advice and ideas appreciated from Christina

I just checked and yes, I did get an (automatic) immediate email confirmation of receipt (subject: “Thanks for writing us! Re: Transfer of serial number”) for my latest (January) request.

I recommend to try it via phone during Fairphone office hours (see at the very bottom). Some have recommended to call in the morning/before noon to have a better chance to reach someone.

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