Contact List Customised View does not save

Hello there,

I just discovered a weird, although (for me) minor issue.
I was trying to customise my phone book/contacts view. I had changed the standard save location to device and wanted my device contacts to be shown next to my Gmail/synced contacts, everything else hidden.

Every time I hit the checkmarks, hit save and left the menu, opening it again I see that nothing is changed. Even when I changed the view to “all contacts”, nothing happens. I see a “saving…” message very shortly, no error. Afterwards everything is still the same. Restarting the phone and updating the Contacts app (update apparently came through today) didn’t chaange anything. Anyone else knows this issue and/or knows a solution?

Thanks in advance and best regards,

I see the same in a different context and will investigate further.
I do not see this in /e/ Android 11 for example.
As you say, this will be a minor problem for most users but it’s a bug that needs to be corrected.
The only work-around would be to use another Contacts app.

I think /e/OS is using AOSP contact app. FPOS goolag contacts
There is a different.

Maybe an option is to use alternativly another contacts app on FPOS, like simple contacts…

Yep, I installed “Simple Contacts” (from simplemobiletools) from F-Droid, it works fine.

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