Contact images in a low quality - Is there a workaround available or do I have to change the app?

I moved this week from my Xperia P (2013, Android 4.1) to FP2 finally. When I looked at the imported contact images, I was quite puzzled about their low quality since the quality was quite fine before. But even replacing an image directly by a new one did not improve the quality at all.
I have no idea whether Sony used its own contact app since the usage is quite similar. The current contact app from Google has version 5.1-r4275.1_FP2_gms59_1.5.1. Shall I deactivate it and download the latest version 1.4.9 from the play store? Or do I have to move to a different app like True Phone Dialer to get the contact images shown in a good quality?

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