Contact data don't synchronize via microsoft exhange

Hi all
I want to synchronize via microsoft exchange my outlook data from my employer’s server.
While calendar and e-mails work perfectly, the contact data don’t synchronize at all.
So it seems not to be a fundamental problem at connecting to the server, since just the contacts don’t synchronize and since everything worked well with my previous phone (HTC).
Any hint appreciated!


  1. I uninstalled and reinstalled the microsoft exchange account --> no effect, only calendar and e-mails synchronization, but no contacts
  2. I tested synchronization with my old phone --> worked perfectly --> prove that the problem is definitely on the FP side
  3. Did a factory reset --> no effect, same as above, only calendar and e-mails synchronization (connected via WLAN)
  4. Did a factory reset and did the restart without inserting my SIM card and connected via WLAN only --> now it worked :slight_smile: !!
    I am up and running again, but this is mysterious. Does anyone have an idea, what happened here?
    Regards, Mario
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You should probably play around a bit with the contacts shown in the people app. Maybe the contacts were synchronized, but didn’t show up, because the exchange account was not selected?

I am synchronizing my contacts with DavDroid and in the people app I have to explicitly choose the DavDroid account to see my contacts.

Many thanks for your answer!

I had checked this repeatedly, without success. As I wrote in my last update (see below), I could get back into operation by doing a factory reset several times.

I have the impression, that one of the apps I had installed, somehow stalled the processing of the contacts (I am far from being an expert…). But it is strange, that it was not immediately solved by a factory reset.
That is somewhat mysterious and suspicious, but for the moment this problem is solved.

Thanks and best regards,